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About Us

My aniMotion Studio is a multimedia development company and we’ve worked with different organization on different projects. We’ve created digital assets for short films, full educational flash animation for corporations, film and audio editing, After Effects composites, 3D modeling and motion capture animation. Our method of motion capture is very unique because we don’t require the talents to wear a sensor suit.

Motion capture technology has only been available to big entertainment companies. It is used to create visual effects for high budget films, advertisement for television and also video game developer. Because of the high cost and specialized hardware and software the technology is limited only to certain blockbuster entertainment industries. Our method of capturing motion is exactly the same but without the high cost and the requirement of a sensor suit. This is how
My aniMotion Studio makes it possible to bring Mocap on location. Since no sensor suit is required, it is no longer necessary to buy multiple suits and capture session does not require large areas.

Our innovative method of tackling issues with practical solutions enables us to find better resources and materials for motion capture and make it affordable for everyone. This provides us an opportunity to bring the magic of 3D animation movie making to your location and when My aniMotion Studio has you participating, this is “WHERE YOU’RE THE ACTION!”