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The technology inside the Mobile VFX (Visual Special Effects) Unit is the same technology used for actual motion capture for film, game development and short animations. This is a unique experience which can be shared on location to create your own short animated film and learn the process while having fun! This is the first of its kind and unlike other party rental equipment, THIS IS NOT a drop and go type vehicle. A director and producer will be on location utilizing their skills the same way they would during an actual film-making session. The honoree or birthday person will have a full production experience including a rendered version of their performance (example below) and their guest will have a chance to get a 10 second capture session. The participants are entertained and educated on the process of VFX, which can only be experienced in the filming and entertainment industry, but now it’s available to you!

This is better than a photograph!
Imagine yourself starring in a short animated clip including behind the scene footage. Your friends won’t believe it! This is a unique experience which everyone can enjoy no matter the age. This is “WHERE YOU’RE THE ACTION!”

Actual session done in the Mobile VFX Unit. This is the finished render of the experience which can be shared with your friends and family members!
You can rent this thing for your events!


Do you want a unique way to entertain your guest at your child’s next birthday celebration? Are you looking for something educational and entertaining for your school? Do you enjoy movies and 3D animation like Pixar’s The Incredibles or movies based off comic books like The Avengers and wished you can act like your favorite superhero?

My aniMotion Studio brings the magic of animated movie making to your doorstep. Our mobile studios are equipped with motion capture using state-of-the-art technology so you’ll participate and learn the process of motion capture just like Hollywood, but unlike Hollywood, we capture without a sensor suit meaning everyone can participate!


Pick a character and our director will help you act out a scene. Or act however you want, imagine The Hulk acting like a baby! It’s all up to you, because this is


You will be able to see the raw footage of your performance during the session and if time permits, you can see a sample of your avatar complete with your action. Since this is, in essence a small production session, it still needs to be process exactly the same way as a full blown film. This means it will take a few days to see the finished product but you will not be disappointed when you see the behind the scene section of your animated short film. This is “WHERE YOU’RE THE ACTION!”

All characters are copyrighted by their appropriate creators. My aniMotion Studio is not claiming ownership of these characters nor are we selling the characters.